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Latest Insurance FAQs

What is the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP)?

The Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) is mandated by state law to establish classifications of risks to fairly reflect the driving records of insureds and adjust premiums based in part on at-fault accidents. The Plan encourages safe driving by rewarding drivers who do not cause accidents or incur traffic law violations with a credit to their automobile insurance premiums, and discourages unsafe driving by requiring high-risk drivers to pay a greater share of insurance costs. Massachusetts, unlike many comparable jurisdictions that afford no or limited due process rights, provides the right to a hearing before an impartial hearing officer of the Board.

Surcharge points are incurred if you:

  • cause an at-fault accident
  • are convicted of or pay a fine for a traffic law violation
  • are assigned to an alcohol education program
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Feature Background

"Since partnering with HIG, Greg Howes has consistently taken the time to ask, listen and advise."

Concierge Insurance – A different approach to insurance.

It is not what we do; it is how we do it. We don’t sell insurance.  You can get that from anyone.  What you can’t get from just anyone is the insight, information and concierge service you need to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being properly insured. Our mission is to make every client feel like the most important person in the world. No two clients are the same. Our service caters to the needs and expectations of each client.

“One less thing to worry about”

Our client managers assist clients with various tasks like:

  • Researching & recommending the best insurance company.
  • Researching and recommending the proper insurance policy & premium for their situation.
  • Arranging for insurance claim services – auto repair, home repair contractors, emergency clean-up, etc
  • Booking transportation (rental car after a claim)
  • Waiting in line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Relocation services – help you find place to live following a claim
  • Running miscellaneous errands that help you save time and eliminate hassle

Insurance Concierge Program for Employers

In hospitals, law firms and other workplaces where employees work long hours, our concierge insurance program is available at no cost to the employer. Some companies have found that their employees are putting in so much overtime and working such long hours that they don't have enough hours left in the day to attend to personal business. Our Employer Insurance Concierge Program provides similar services to those of a hotel concierge, but our focus is on insurance and all the related service needed to purchase and manage a personal insurance program. Our service helps the employer provide a cost-free employee benefit and the employees a better work-life balance.