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“I appreciate that Howes is hands on.”

At The Howes Insurance Group, we don’t just sell insurance. You can get that from anyone. Our mission is to give you “one less thing to worry about”.

We cater our service to busy individuals and business owners and conform our services to their expectations. Our clients have a desire to have a level of understanding about their insurance purchases but money is less the currency than time. Our clients understand the value of their time and they contract with us to ensure their assets are protected.

The Right Insurance Coverage

Who Should Consider The Howes Insurance Group’s Concierge Insurance Program?

A Ten Question Test – If you answer “No” or “I Don’t Know” to any of the following questions, you would benefit from contacting a member of our team today.

  1. Do the liability limits in your personal insurance program meet or exceed your net worth?
  2. Do you have an Excess or Umbrella liability policy that is coordinated with your home, auto, watercraft and other personal policies?
  3. Is your insurance program messy? Are your various insurance policies coordinated by a single, accountable insurance professional?
  4. Does your current home insurance policy guarantee its reconstruction/replacement as well as include sufficient coverage for building code and ordinance changes?
  5. Does your current home insurance policy provide adequate coverage for your possessions as well as valuables and collections (i.e. jewelry, fine art, wine)?
  6. Does your current insurance program protect your wealth from lawsuits involving your volunteer work (charities, not-for-profit boards, etc) and domestic staff (nannies, housekeepers, etc)?
  7. Is your current insurance program in sync with your estate plan (i.e. many people structure property ownership using LLC’s, LLP’s and trusts)?
  8. Are you maximizing the savings on your insurance premiums by carrying the proper insurance deductibles?
  9. Are you leveraging the premium savings for loss prevention systems, upgraded home systems and bundling your policies with one agent and insurance carrier?
  10. Does your current insurance relationship provide you with one less thing to worry about by offering you a good value, conveniently, from people you trust?

In order to get the right insurance coverage, you need someone who sees the big picture.

At The Howes Insurance Group, we see the big picture of your insurance needs and actively guide you in selecting the most effective strategies for minimizing risk at a superior value. Sometimes we see something indicating you need more coverage. But just as likely, we see ways for you to reduce your costs by eliminating, consolidating or updating your coverage. In fact, we consider this one of the most important aspects of the service we provide.

As an independent agent, we will provide you access to a wide range of insurance companies and programs while offering personalized guidance and assistance based on a full understanding of your life and goals.

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