Homeowners Insurance Checkup

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Please Check YES or NO and provide brief explanation if necessary:

1. Are you confident that your home is insured for its full reconstruction value?

2. Have you completed any renovations to your home, or built any new buildings that would increase the replacement cost value of your home?

3. Do you have a central station burglar/fire alarm system?

4. Do you have a monitored or unmonitored Auto Water Shut off valve

5. Do you have a back-up generator?

6. Do you have a low temperature alarm system?

7. Are you interested in increasing the deductible on your homeowner policy for a reduction in premium?

8. Is the “Coverage B” limit on your policy enough to rebuild the “Other Structures” on your policy?

9. Is the “Coverage C” limit on your policy enough to replace all of your personal possessions at today’s prices?

10. If you own a condominium, are you familiar with the By-Laws and have you secured insurance to supplement the policy provided by the Association?

11. Do you own any jewelry, fine art, silverware, furs, firearms, coins, stamps or other unique collections that may need insurance protection?

12. Do you own any computers, cameras, tools or musical instruments?

13. Are you part of a Condo/homeowners/residential association?

14. Do you have children away at college?

15. Do you own any pets/animals?

16. Do you have a swimming pool?

17. Do you conduct any business in your home, give private lessons, tutor or hold items for sale?

18. Do you have any roommates or boarders?

19. Do you employ any domestic help either part-time or full-time?

20. Are you a director or officer of any charities, churches, political organizations, community action groups, or related organizations?

21. Are there property easements, access roads or similar situations on any owned property?

22. Are independent contractors (e.g. lawn services, housekeeping, etc) regularly utilized on your property?

How likely is it that you will recommend The Howes Insurance Group to your family and friends?

(Please rate from 1-10 with 1 the least likely and 10 being the most likely).